Jul 19, 2010

DIY Pastoral Style Cushions, Cool Down Your Living Room in Summer

In the white Korean pastoral style, classical pure white cushions will often been choose to be the best match, adorned with romantic lace or flouncing edgings. However, in such a white space, they will be seemed to be too cool.

Two small patches of rose pattern, soft and beautiful pink will add a brush of bright color in the piece of pure white, at the same time full of sweet and romantic feelings.

Delicate lace edgings just like an antique photo frame, encircling two patches in it, just like two elegant decorative paintings hang on the wall, simple but beautiful.

Placing simple linen striped cushions in the room, they will be looked fresh and elegant. But in a pastoral style home, they will looked too rigid and lack smart sweet feelings.

Use four patches fabric with different patterns of plaids and dotted flowers, composed a large patch of four-frame pattern, so the front face of the cushion become rich in pastoral flavor and warm quality. Pristine floral and plaid patterns have unique sense of countryside, which will not destroy the natural flavors of pastoral style.

Elegant black and white plaid cushion, with pastoral style pristine quality and plain elegant style feeling, but if the cushion been done soft and loose, it will lost it original sense as a strict lady.

Therefore, make a pumpkin shaped depression in the center of cushion, then fixed with a white fabric button, thus make the cushion become more ‘concave and convex’, and show its unique sense of elegance and liveliness.

* Original post: DIY Pastoral Style Cushions, Cool Down Your Living Room in Summer