Jul 8, 2013

Creative Foldable Flower Pot - Cute!

Gardening lovers just like you must have known that there is a problem with all traditional flower pots for how to transport conveniently, as well as it always occupied relatively large space.

Now, here I'd like to introduce a new type flower pot which is foldable so that they can solve your problem easily.

This new flower pot consists of two parts, one part is its outer wall which made of degradable organic material, the other part is its outer clothing be composed of waterproof material.

When it not been applied in use usually, it can be folded up just like a piece of paper, so it will not occupying too much space.

Compare with traditional flower pots, the new pot is more portable and more convenient.

* Originally resource: Creative Foldable Flower Pot - Cute!

May 26, 2013

Bowl can Weigh Weights

This bowl, can reduce the number of utensils required during the cooking process, as well as reduce the frequency of utensils cleaning.

Measuring Weights

- Automatic zero adjusting, adding and weighing, automatic shutdown
- Max capacity: 5 kg (11 lbs.)
- Weight unit: grams and ounces / pounds

Capacity Conversion

- Capacity: 2 liters (8 cups)
- Five type of default materials (flour, sugar, milk, water and oil) and unit conversion (weight / volume)
- Volume unit: ml, cups, ounces

The bowl is removable for easy cleaning

Battery: 2*AAA
Product size: 202*257*133mm

Bowl can weigh weights, best furnishings for kitchen! 

* Original resource: Bowl can Weigh Weights

Jan 24, 2013

What I love - Bamboo furnishings Very Natural and Environmentally Friendly

These are a variety of home furnishings that made of natural bamboo, they are natural, environmental and aesthetic, I believe everyone will like such furnishings, and you?

Natural Bamboo Vase

Natural Bamboo Lamps

Natural Bamboo Stool

Natural Bamboo Shelf

Natural Bamboo Compote

Dec 13, 2012

Colorful Geometric Reliefs Design Cabinets

These furnishings not only has simple modern aesthetic beauty, but also has absorbed the traditional essence of Scandinavian furniture art. These interesting designs suitable for all types of public or private space.

                               Quite Blue

                       Sweet and Playful Rose-Red 

                               Pure White

* Original resource: Colorful Geometric Reliefs Design Cabinets

Nov 2, 2012

Furnishing Design Appreciation - Phat Knits Twist Soft Bed

A post-modern design, comes from Dutch designer Bauke Knottnerus. The soft bed furnished in a woven style, but used with a type of soft cotton material, the soft mattress can hold your body properly, on which you can display a variety of positions with ease. Furthermore, the user can freely weaving the shape of bed, thus to adapt to the room furnishings.

Designer: Bauke Knottnerus

* Original resource: Furnishing Design Appreciation - Phat Knits Twist Soft Bed

Sep 3, 2012

Creative Furnishings: Assembly Table and Chairs

I remember had introduced assembled tables and chairs before, it is to pick up original materials from a carton, and come up six seats and a table after speical assembly, which is very is creative.

Here I'd also to introduce assembled tables and chairs, it will be using some shaped material, in accordance with the interpretation, assembled into tables and chairs. Or it is to say a modular furniture, too, very easy for disassemble and transport.

The assemble chairs and table is very appropriate for people who working outside and renters, with such tables and chairs, when at the time of moving, it is no need to very trouble at move the table and chairs. Or if you have a car with plenty of room, you can also take such a set of  table and chairs to go on holiday, that a very good program.

Designer: Charlie Sheldon

* Original resource: Creative Furnishings: Assembly Table and Chairs