Aug 16, 2010

Two Schemes Make Your Gazebo More Enchanting!

If there is a gazebo in your home, how would you design and make use it?

Arrange your own outdoor space with your favorite way, enjoy the sunshine, and to experience unexpected comfort and coziness.

Scheme A: Gay Casino

Rebuild your gazebo into an entertainment room, in where grow some of your favorite potted plants, there is nothing more pleasant than chatting or relaxing or having a nap there.

Seats: The steel rocking chair with knitting feel and a dual-use of lying and sitting beauty couch that never get you tired, hand-made armchair made of birch wood emitting enchanting natural flavor. When choosing seat cushions, aside from for beauty purpose, you’d best choose them made of waterproof materials.

Cushions: Outdoor furniture needs comfortable seats ultimately, in addition to lively and bright colors, functions of abrasive resistance and rainproof are all keys to selection.

Striped cushions with bright colors will bring you pleasant psychological feelings, yellow green, orange-red with flowers and green leaves in the gazebo also set each other off beautifully.

Scheme B: Lively Dining Room

Move the dining room outdoor to enjoy delicious foods! With a piece of tablecloth dotted with flowers, exquisite tableware as well as flourished flowers and plants to create a romantic space and mood.

Flowers and Plants: Flouring potted plants can ease the atmosphere in the gazebo, which is helpful for relaxing mood. You may grow ivy in the flower containers aside the gazebo, their extended branches connected which the garden scenery; You may also placing several basil as well as other vanilla plants in the gazebo, they are natural condiments that can be reserved for a gathering dinner.

Carpet: You may choose waterproof carpet made of pure wool for outdoor use, which will be comfortable and the same time good with quality. If it were smeared you may spray polypropylene detergent to clean it, or leave it to professional cleaning staff.

Tablecloth: Select a piece of table cloth decorated with magnificent large flowers can create a type of warm ambience of pastoral, make the whole gazebo full of enchanting flavors. If you are not able to buy a satisfied one, you may DIY such a tablecloth with special fabric.

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