Nov 30, 2011

Let's Talk about Those Bizarre Houses with Illustrations(II)

6. The House with an Aquarium Wall

A mansion in the coastal town of Cesme, Turkey, has a huge aquarium outside it in place of the garden wall. There are about a thousand fish of different species in the aquarium, which is approximately 50 metres long.

7.Geodesic Dome House

A futuristic geodesic dome house is built in the desert between Kingman and Needles, Arizona, USA.

8. Unusual Block of Flats

This unusual block of flats is one of several innovative housing developments in Amsterdam.

9.An Elaborate Garden House

Villa Grock, an elaborate garden house in Imperia, Italy, built in the 1920s by a clown named Grock. He was once the most highly paid entertainer in the world.

10.Turf House

Turf house in north east Iceland, This is a traditional style of house building in Iceland, offering superb insulation from the harsh environment.

The Icelandic turf houses catch our attention with the rooftops and skyscraper gardens.The green houses are built into nature and are awesome.Something like this you can not see everywhere!


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