Feb 20, 2012

Peek Your Inner World Through the Color Shades of Your Home(down)

Preface: According to studies by psychologists, people with different personalities  have different preferences of color. So it can be seen from the choice of his or her home shades, as well as his personality, hobbies, temperament, habits and taste. This issue, let us work together and focus on eight character crowd, and fit a group, thus find a home color that matches with your personality specially.

Shades of Blue

Are you blue? Those who lean toward blue generally are calm, compassionate and follow a steady course. Reminiscent of both sky and sea, shades of blue appeal to those with peaceful and quiet personalities.

Shades of Green

Green sends out natural vibes in a big way, and people who want to be surrounded by shades of green tend to like balance and can be counted on to be civilized.

Shades of Purple

From lavender to eggplant, plum and dark regal purple, shades of this mix of blue and red add drama and flair to any decor. Purple lovers tend to be artistic and unconventional.

Shades of Black

Renowned for both its sexiness and class, black is best used in small doses in decor lest its powerful aura overwhelm the space. Lovers of all things black tend to impress in an understated way and generally promote the idea that they aren't telling all.


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