Sep 3, 2012

Creative Furnishings: Assembly Table and Chairs

I remember had introduced assembled tables and chairs before, it is to pick up original materials from a carton, and come up six seats and a table after speical assembly, which is very is creative.

Here I'd also to introduce assembled tables and chairs, it will be using some shaped material, in accordance with the interpretation, assembled into tables and chairs. Or it is to say a modular furniture, too, very easy for disassemble and transport.

The assemble chairs and table is very appropriate for people who working outside and renters, with such tables and chairs, when at the time of moving, it is no need to very trouble at move the table and chairs. Or if you have a car with plenty of room, you can also take such a set of  table and chairs to go on holiday, that a very good program.

Designer: Charlie Sheldon

* Original resource: Creative Furnishings: Assembly Table and Chairs