Dec 7, 2008

Good Ideas about Air Fresheners

Here are some good ideas about air fresheners:

Car Air Fresheners

Car air fresheners displaying your logo make an excellent gift for a promotion.

Lightweight, flat, high profile, low cost, personalised air fresheners make an ideal promotional product. Just perfect for increasing the response to your mail-shots and becuas ethey are light they won't cost any additional postage.

Fragrances: Lemon, Vanilla, Lavender, Wild Cherry, Honeysuckle, Forest Berry, Pine Modern.

Paper Car Air Fresheners

Paper car air fresheners are light and small, excellent for mailing.
Attract More Attention!
Increase repeat business
Multi-purpose promotion - Maximize budget
Create awareness and excitement in target products or services
Incorporate coupon or store information.
Co-op advertising opportunity
Cross Sell - Motivate customer to visit web site to view other great offers
Add value and increase enthusiasm for promotion!
All for pennies a piece!

Duracraft Vehicle Electronic Air Fresheners

I imagine this is the perfect gift for any mom who chauffeurs sweaty little athletes to and from practice. No need to suffer through the stench. Pair with a couple of scented oils and plug it in for a breath of fresh air.

Golden Retriever Air Fresheners
Golden Retriever gifts for use in cars, homes or offices. These Golden Retriever picture air freshener gifts have a double sided image. The Golden Retriever air fresheners have not been tested on animals.

Custom Air Fresheners

Custom air fresheners are a cost efficient and effective means of drawing attention to your company and message in a BIG way!

You can demand the seller imprint your design, logo or message in any color on any shape deodorizer to make your car air freshener unique.

It's an effective advertising specialty item re-introduces your product, service, and message time and time again to your current and future customers. So your air fresheners are professionally made from the best raw materials available in the world and so it's great act as an original gift for a host or hostess. 

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