Nov 22, 2009

Resolution of 2009 Popular New Trend in Wall Decoration III – Soft Wall Package

Trend III with Soft Wall Package: Living in Cloth

When the author entered into a prototype room of the home furnishings MALL, I found myself as if entered into a world wrapped into fabrics, it is so soft and quiet.

"The feeling what we want is just this - use soft cloth to wrap hard walls, and a type of warm and serene feelings thus produced”. Said the designer to the author with smile, “This approach of wall disposing is called soft-wall package, on the surface are fabrics, while inside linings are sponge, that is to use fabrics and sponge wrapped walls, and any type of fabric is applicable.

Due to its excellent performance of sound-absorbing, the soft-package wall are general be used on backdrop walls of TV in the living room, bedroom or audio-visual room, but in most occasions you can not use it in a large area.

In general, walls decorated with flexible packaging cloth are simple, generous, as well as features of soft colors, looked warm and splendid, with angular edges and continuous symmetry, which could giving you soft and relax feelings, it is very comfortable.

Cleaning tips: can be cleaned with spray cleaner.

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