Jan 25, 2010

Two Color Schemes to Rebuild a Nice Living Room III – Solution B

After 2: Dynamic & Vibrant Living Room

After added elements of color, now the living room is completely a comfortable gathering space. The blue wall make the space appeared larger, and red wall parts added vigor to the room, and the same time, the color of wall is same as the curtain, which make the whole room taken to more coordinated and more personalized.

Specific 1. Soft home furnishings lightened colors  

A leather sofa has been added in the rest area beside the fireplace, so when there are many guests it could to put into use.

Those beautiful cushions with rich color on the sofa added a lot of color to the room; soft curtains hanging lately on the window make the room light turn to more gentle, as well as the French-door style hanging curtain make colors of the room doors more vivid and vibrant, too.

Specific 2. Personalized working corner

A new painted working corner will give you an independent office area, and red can improve your working moods, while when your family members are gathering together you can also join them easily. The Two-tier book shelf mounted on the wall will help you to collect a lot of debris. 

At the same time a beautiful chandelier will make the working area featured with more personal style. 

Specific 3. Beautiful and practical storage

Now the living room has a lot of beautiful and practical storage props. You can use the coffee table when eating dessert or watching TV; at the same time the TV cabinet can used to incorporate DVDs; the Chinese style medicine chest can used to collect a variety of toys, which is both personal and very practical.


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Jan 4, 2010