Jun 17, 2010

Five Proposals with Childlike Mind for Home Furnishings

Think about how long you have not enjoyed such happy time just like the time you spent in your childhood, perhaps it’s the pressure of life undone it. Home is the place to relax minds at the same time perform yourself, just get back your heart with childlike fun, with fabric furnishings, furniture, small furnishings full of childlike fun to active your childlike charms and show magic power of home.

One. Applied with Smart Fabric Furnishings, Rendering Happy Hour

Fabric itself has a strong sense of beauty, always plays an important role in home decorating and home furnishings, fabric furnishings, cushions full of childlike fun presented themselves timely will be easily render the childlike style, and bring you happy mood.

Two. Candy Colored Home Furnishings, Bring you a Cozy Fairy Tale World

Colorful candy colors will always attract attention of children, when candy colors mixed with furniture into one, it will make you fall in love at the first sight, calling us back to sweet childhood years!


 Three. Childlike Ornaments, Small Decorations Create Big Fun

Not to refuse growing up, just want to live happier, as well as make the mood become more cartoon. Place one or two small childlike ornaments at a certain corner in the home, can make the home full of sweet and sincere happy air.
Four. Childish Tableware & Kitchenware, Build a Happy Life in the Kitchen

After a busy day, when back home you maybe have to continue busy in the kitchen, just to eliminate hunger. Now open your imagination, change for a number of interesting and colorful bowls and dishes in the kitchen, to build a fairy-tale kitchen space, thus make the time for preparing meals become funny and interesting.


Five. With Eyes of a Kid, Create a Small Colorful World

People living in cites are dream of getting headiness and innocence they owned in their childhood back, at the same time, each family has children is also wish to create a colorful, safe and thoughtful children room with eyes of a kid.


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