Feb 20, 2011

Select a Festive Red Wallpaper for the New Year (II)

Guide: Red, as we all know it is generally means warm, prosperous and festive, when the New Year of 2011 is coming, how can we ignore the home decorated in red? Now let’s select a festive red wallpaper to decorate a wall in our home, and let’s the red wallpaper help us to create a lively and energetic atmosphere in the New Year of Rabbit.

Red Flower Pattern Wallpaper

The wallpaper with red flower pattern, which has not too much stress, to be outstanding beautiful is its sole purpose

Charming Mauve Wallpaper

It is very bold to use contrasting colors in the living room but this charming mauve wallpaper respond to the eye-catching lemon yellow sofa makes the living room very bright.

 Pink Flower Wallpaper

The wall capped with pink flowers wallpaper, that makes the living room full of romantic moods, at the same time, decorate the furniture with bright pink cotton textiles, delivering your emotions through blooming flowers, an bring bright moods as well as romantic atmosphere.

Lemon yellow Flower Pattern Wallpaper
The lemon yellow flower wallpaper is the visual center of gravity, matched with bright red wall dado line and pink wall dados, which is a type of exaggerated and bold color combination, used in the black and white and grey space can make it more colorful, stylish and more energetic.

 Wallpaper carpeted with pink and bluge floral patterns

The wallpaper carpeted with pink and sky-blue
floral pattern makes the small corner full of lovely sense of quietness, and at the same time produce innocent and wonderful imagination. The dull style wood chair painted in sky-blue and hanging ornaments placed at corners casually, indicates a type of casual and natural attitude of the owner.

The contrast of sky-blue and vermeil matched harmoniously, and highlights the sweet and lovely temperament of the space.

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