Jan 12, 2012

Peek Your Inner World Through the Color Shades of Your Home(up)

Preface: According to studies by psychologists, people with different personalities have different preferences of color. So it can be seen from the choice of his or her home shades, as well as his personality, hobbies, temperament, habits and taste. This issue, let us work together and focus on eight character crowd, and fit a group, thus find a home color that matches with your personality specially.

Shades of White

People who choose white for their surroundings likely believe that "pure as the driven snow" is more than a cliche. Using shades of white is a clue to a personality that finds comfort in simplicity and sees the world through a youthful, innocent lens.

Shades of Red

For centuries, red has meant passion. People who are partial to shades of red, from apple and rose red to tomato and fire engine, generally are optimistic, outgoing and, well, passionate about life.

Shades of Yellow

It's a cliche that yellow is sunny, and those who pick shades of this color for their decor tend to be sunny, too. But they go a lot deeper than that: People who love yellow also tend to be intellectual and adventurous and place a high value on freedom.

Shades of Orange

A space filled with shades of orange exudes vitality and cheer. The people who decorate rooms with orange hues tend to be outgoing, social and easy to be with, even if they do like to be the center of attention.

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