May 28, 2012

Top Collection: The 7 Coolest Design Bathrooms in the World!

Top 7: Aquarium Shower

Aquarium Shower

Your bathroom is always associated along ocean further what is better inbred for dilute than carp? Giulio Gianturco furthermore Mario Tessarollo designed Plano Acquario for Cesena.

It's a storm beside a bank for an tank. What can be extra rustic than carp in your latrine? Besides if you don't counterpart the theory or deliberate that feel in the toilet is baneful for your carp accordingly you can exploit a conservatory, a TV or true a bracket.

Watching at these bass you can vision about spending your furlough at the briny shore moreover bask bathing sum the second. I cogitate it's a extremely relaxing plan. What do you imagine?

Top 6: Deer Stag Shower

Deer Stag Shower

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a shower with a deer stag head spewing water onto you? This porcelain version was unveiled at Milan Design Week 2010.

Top 5: Color Phasing Light Shower

Color Phasing Light Shower

This is shower head with a temperature controlled light so you will never burn your bottom again. Temperature changes from green (when the temperature is less than 32C) to red (at more than 45C). The phasing colours in between are blue, orange, purple and pink.

Top 4: The 18-head Shower

The 18-head Shower

In wasn't that long ago that people would go days if not weeks without a formal bath. Now, a person can take a super shower in a computer-controlled, 18 head water nirvana. Not just any person, however, as the price tag is a steep $100,000.

For those that can afford it, the Silver TAG shower may be worth it, as it can independently target six zones (overhead, shoulders, upper torso, lower torso, upper legs, and lower legs) with varying temperatures and levels of pressure.

Top 3: Folding Shower

Folding Shower

This Folding Shower is currently looking for a manufacturer and a distributor. It has a unique design that`s supposed to allow people living in small apartments to install a shower that doesn`t take up too much of their limited space.

Top 2: Pocket Shower

Pocket Shower

This is a very cool idea for campers, the pocket shower, fill with water, hang from tree, get clean. The pocket shower comes in a fist sized bag but can hold up to 10 liters of water which is enough for a 7 minute shower. You can buy the pocket shower for $26.98.

Top 1: Rotating Shower

Rotating Shower

The industrial designer Ron Arad came up with this rotating shower/bath with Italian manufacturers Teuco (the shower section of their website was particularly funny). You can have a bath in the lip, or rotate it around to give you a shower cabinet if you fancy that instead.

Of course, you'll need a bathroom the size of most of our entire flats to fit it in. And it also doesn't explain why this girl is having both a shower and a bath with her clothes on. Still, it's most COOL!

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