Jan 22, 2009

Something You Should Know for Building a Perfect Home Feng Shui

There are something you must not do if you are going to decorate your house, unless you'd like to meet bad fortunes in near future ...  

First. Do not Keeping Too Many Mirrors in Your Home

In the Feng Shui theory mirror is one kind of lunar and negative articles and it is easy to recruit bad fortunes, if there are too many mirrors in the home they will cause too much money consumption to the husband and wife, that is means that the couple are crazy shoppers, they always buy impulsively a lot of things that needless, and the result is their expenditures will exceed their income, long after the home’s economy will turn to worse and worse increasingly.

Second: Check the Doors and Door Posts in your Home and see Whether there are Breaking or Bending Remarks on

Door posts are the four face pillars of the door, and door face is just the door itself, if there are some marks of bending or even breaking, that is indicates that the God of Wealth could not come in, while the God of poverty entered.

Third: Throw Away Broken Pots or Stoves in Your Home

Some people are too lazy to throw away their broken pots or stoves, but as to the Feng Shui theory, which will make you never to stand up and regain success, also the God of Wealth will never meet you.

Fourth: Do Not Put Ceramic Tiles on the Walls in Your Bedroom

Now there are many people who have gained money, and occurred with fantasy ideas that to settle their houses on a river, they thought it is romantic and idyllic enough, they will never consider that in the Feng Shui theory, a river or other types of flowing water coming through the residence should be prohibited absolutely, which will make people living in the house losing a great number of money they own.

Fifth. Whether the Bed in Your Bedroom is Against the Wall on Three Sides?

Tiles in home decoration are generally be used in the toilet and in the kitchen, but there are someone who also had inclined to use them in the bedroom, so do not, because tiles will fall off, it correspondingly implies bad wealth fortunes of your family.

Sixth: Plan to Settle Your House on a Beautiful River?

For space saving sake, some families will settle their beds against the wall on three sides, but such a furnishing will give the person who sleeping in the bed a feeling of confined, furthermore, the bedroom is the place that stands for wealth sub-position, as the wealth position has been imprisoned, of course money will not come in.

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