Jan 19, 2009

Home Furnishings in This Winter and Autumn, Low-Key but Luxurious Enough

The communication of seasons has brought a new round of fashion expressions for soft home furnishings trend. Some well-known home furnishings brands launched their new products of soft home furnishings in succession, and in this autumn and winter, the fashion trend for soft home furnishings is: natural & luxurious.

Focus Colors

Classic black, white as based color, mixing with a little red embellishments which indicates passions, thus to outline the whole profile of the home furnishings style in this year’s winter and autumn.

At the same time, as the featured color on the fashion stage in this autumn and winter, grey has been applied to home furnishings too, thus to create matched levels, style tones and color concentrations with different shades of grey.

Focus Materials

This year, home-style fashion stresses more on the choice of materials, with high-grade materials such as genuine leather, silk, wool or boucle to present a kind of feeling as natural and luxurious.

Adorned with a small amount of metal, a strong sense of modern and low-key luxury temperaments thus shaped out.

Basic Patterns

Simple, functional straight lines, may be combined with a small number of flowers, branch and vine patterns, which transfer you concise textures and exotic flavors.

To choose home furnishings with delicate textures, the exquisite and elegant life style of the hostess could be expressed more easily and more naturally.

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