Feb 9, 2009

Perspective Freehand Style of Home Design in Japan II -- Purified, Abstract Design Style

--- Purified, Abstract Home Design Style

Japan is a modern country as well as a traditional country, as the No. 2 economy great power in the world, Japan has created a economy miracle, who has a lofty level of modernization, while whose land area is just as small as one of Chinese provinces…

In recent years throughout Japan there raised a hot trend of home reconstruction, which is in the ascendant still.

In order to pursue a more comfortable and convenient living environment, in virtue of home design, Japanese try to take full advantages of spaces and setting modern appliances, furniture in their current narrow residential space.

In past time the demand rank of life in most Japan families was arranged according to food, clothing, transportation and living, now that has shifted to a new order as living first, transportation next, then clothing, and food last, which put the improvement of home living conditions to the first place.

Now in Japan, the space features and design ideas they pursued has following specific performances. ..

1. Purified, Abstract Design Style thus make the decoration style attain to a beauty purification realm

Famous post-modern architect Hans Hollein had been engaged in a lot of architectural designs and interior designs, whose work has broken traditional frame and very different from modernist architectural designs. His designs mainly used symbols, metaphor techniques, and applied to modern technique materials and combined with special colors and patterns, thus to create a purified particular ideal environment.

Hans Hollein’s design has put a considerable influence on the world, as extended to his design idea, many Japanese designers follows a step forward, they applied with implied functions and the same time emphasis on the simplicity and abstractness of design, they applied with geometric form elements and managed interlaced arrays of simple lines and surfaces to avoid pop out of objects and shapes, and try best to eliminate all excessive marks; they also adopted the restrained method of removing detailed decorations to embody the essence of space, and make the room space take on concise and lively modern effect.

Nordic think design is an integral part of their lives, Americans keep it as a money-making means, while Japanese believe that design is a important way for national survival….

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