Mar 31, 2009

Super Creative Ideas! Novelty Home Furnishings Show

Nowadays people try to pursue personality and uniqueness more and more, so more and more and creative home furnishings begin to entered into people's daily life.

Big Foot Cylinder Toilet Paper Stand

Drop Water Tap Design Memo Clip

T-Shirt Mirror

While looking, while writing, while hanging! At on side it is acrylic mirror and another side is a white board, on which you can dabbing at your pleasure with a gel pen and wipe or revise the words with a wet wipe or an alcohol dipped cloth…of course it can be used as a clothes hanger to hang your clothes…you may choose it as a cool birthday gift and giving it to her/he fall for look.

Mr.P Laughing Seasoning Cans

Hollowed Network Fruit Tray

Different with traditional fruit trays, instead of adopting traditional plate shape, this type of fruits tray take a network design. As a result, larger size of fruits such as apples, pears and so on, can be placed on the tray top firmly.

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