Apr 22, 2009

Best Lucky Home Color for 12 Constellations in 2009 (II) -- Capricorn, Gemin & Aquarius

Lucky Color for Capricorn in 2009 --- Red / Purple

As alienated and indifferent as Capricorn, who favorite with emphasizing on logic and reasonable, in particular, their contentious and argumentative disposition always make others prohibitive. However, its down-to-earth way of working to somewhat save some respects and acceptance for him.

Therefore, as the color energy of red which stands for working with feet always on the ground, as well as the color energy of purple stands for good at thinking and learning, become the color energy of Capricorn.

Bring more red with could help Capricorn to walk out from their own world, and with courage to face challenges of outside world, as well as strengthening and building their body energy, it appears that there are really a great deal of benefits!

Brief Summary:

In traditional Chinese culture red is considered as an auspicious and festive color, when we had experienced through 2008 laugh or cry, especially at this time the shadow of the international financial tsunami is still lingering around, we may really need some red to encourage everyone's mood.

In the color psychology theory suggests, red is stands for warm, upward trend, but at the same time it could make people excited, stirred, nervous and impulsive easily, and it is also a color that can caused visual fatigue easily, so it is not a color that suitable using with a large size area at home, only applied it as a embellishment in your
home decoration.

Lucky color for Gemini in 2009 --- Blue / Pink

As be extremely gifted as Gemini is a baby born with great curiosity, who can learned new knowledge quickly through his sensitive ability of respond, as well as transferring the information out, especially good at gossip chatting of words.

Also just for this reason, Gemini persons are good at expressing their favors, but not exposed their emotions…Therefore, as pink stands for inner love, and blue is stands for assist to express inside true ideas, become the color energy of Gemini. Looking at self-inner world of stably, and not to flaunt too much so one can not make sure his true purpose, is the task for Gemini endowed by colors.

Lucky Color for Aquarius in 2009 --- Blue / Blue-Green

The energy color for Aquarius is a wonderful combination which mixed with blue, green, and yellow. How do you to check the energy of your water bottle? See if you are familiar with the operation of the Internet, learn all kinds of new high-tech knowledge, as well as the ability to play self-originality ...through this way you can aware that whether you have obtained the energy of Aquarius….

So try to use more blue-green color in your home decorating and
home furnishings to help yourself, so you will able to demonstrate in the new era, and no longer to fear of expressing the value view of yourself in public, and you will become more satisfied with yourself.

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