Dec 19, 2010

This Christmas, You Needs an Unique Decorative Light to Express your Passion

As the Christmas season is coming, you need some unique Christmas lighting to ignite the passion, no matter string lights, snowflake lights or elk light, it is necessary to take one to your home.

Here I’d like to recommend 9 patterns of Christmas decorative lighting to you, so with them let's create enchanting expressions for your Christmas home furnishing and home decorating together!

Christmas Elk Antler Chandelier

This unique elk antler chandeliers are custom built with care and the utmost attention to detail.

Small Red Turret Shaped Christmas Lamps

Small red turret design Christmas lights, it’s best place several ones in your home.

Round Red Christmas Light

Star Shaped Christmas Lights

Christmas String Lights

Pine Cone shaped Christmas Lights

Snowflake Design Christmas Light

Christmas Candlesticks

Christmas candlesticks are necessary, too. At all time candlesticks are used to add chic ambience for the space environment, during the fun-filled Christmas they can show extraordinary charms.

No matter where you are, living in a small shabby house or a large spacious mansion, you need only a few special magic decorative lighting, then your home become wonderful and enchanting at the Christmas Eve.

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Nov 21, 2010

Using Mirrors Smartly, Create 'Larger Space' in a Small Home (down)

In my previous article on this blog, we talked about how to use mirrors smartly, thus to creat a more 'spacious' home, even the house you owned is very small....because home is the haven of dreams, owning a warm home is everyone's dream, even if it is small.

Tip 6. Geometric mirror screen

To make a geometric mirror screen, and create it into lattice shapes, so the mirror is beautiful and the same time functionalas containers.

Tip 7. A mirror frame in different style can bring out different feelings

A mirror frame in different style can bring out different feelings. In fact, here several mirrors we introduced you can apply with old mirrors and DIY it yourself. Here in the picture the mirror was created out with ropes.

Tip 8. DIY Wall decorations with Mirrors

As wall sticker become a fashion of wall, you can do the wall decoration with mirrors yourself easily.

Here in the picture the mirror frame is decorated with wall stickers in Chinese paper-cut style.

Tip 9. DIY with broken mirrors

Let’s continue to talk about old mirrors, if you prefer to DIY, even the broken pieces of a mirror can also been used to create a work of art!

Tip 10. Decorate desktop with old mirror

A whole piece of old mirror in a rather complete condition can be affixed to the desktop directly, if you place a crystal table lamp or an antique candelabra on the table, with such a radiant look, the visual effect will be better! How? Try it quickly!


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Oct 20, 2010

Using Mirrors Smartly, Create 'Larger Space' in a Small Home (up)

Home is the haven of dream, own a warm home is everyone's dream, even if it is small.

How to decorate your small home, thus make your small house seemed not very small? Here I’d like to recommend a media star, which can help you to create a large space and smiling when sitting in the house, this media star is, Mirror, no matter new or old one.

Tip 1. Install Mirrors within a Narrow Aisle.

 Laying mirrors on one side of the whole wall to create a mirror wall in the narrow aisle, taking advantage of the reflection effects of mirrors to enlarge the space doubly.

Tip 2. Setting Flaky Mirrors in the Locker Room.

Installing a large piece of mirror as a pier glass specially in the locker room, the rest mirrors can be laid with different shapes (wide or narrow) thus to highlight the decorative effect.

Important Attention: Do either Do not settle mirrors in your bedrooms, no matter from the psychology point of view or in the view of Feng Shui theory, mirrors in bedroom will cause bad influence on the hosts.

Tip 3. Making a Mirror Wall aside the Dining Table.

Placing a mirror aside to the dining table in your home, delicate flowers and tableware reflected in the mirror, you can see a vague outline of a more beautiful and warmer small home.

Tip 4. Creating a Mirror Roof at the Entrance.

Creating a mirror roof at the entrance of your home, matched with beautiful wall lamps, then the luster reflected by the mirror roof will make your home shiny much!

Tip 5. Install Mirrors on Doors of Cabinet or Bar Counter

Here you can use old mirrors wholly, you can install a whole piece of mirror on the door, or you may cut the mirror into several pieces them assemble them on the doors of cabinet, both of the two ways have its own style.
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Sep 21, 2010

Choose Color Furniture to Create a Vibrant Living Room in This Autumn

Color furniture is a major highlight prevailing in this year, as autumn is also a vibrant season suitable for a variety of colors mix and match together, so if you want to create a vibrant as well as full of stylish living room in the autumn, even if your house is not very spacious, but as long as to choose a few pieces of color furniture, you will make the living room in your home become more fashionable and outstanding, and become a fashion and bright headquarter.

As white is the keynote of the above whole space, a red single seat on the left, companied with red cushions make the whole space live up.

Colorful Polyresin Clothes Stand, Very Fashionable as well as Full of Zest (Available from Euro-Home)

As color furniture become a major highlight prevailing in this year, the designers applied colors with furniture design to the extreme, with covers of color, home furnishings also become more personalized and more amusing.

Red Seat, definitely a highlight in the living room(Available from Lotos Come Home)

Colorful Woven Rattan Chair, Dynamic and Full of Vitality. (Available from IKEA)

Polyresin Table Lamp, with practical use as well as a beautiful ornament. (Available from Kartell)

Blue Reclining Chair (Available from Roche-Bobois)

SERRALUNGA Egg-Shaped Umbrella Stand (Available from VITA)

Color Glass Table (Available from Roche-Bobois)

Additionally, with unique eye-catching visual effect, color furniture can break the space oppression, and enlarge the space room to a certain extent. You may be freely to place a few pieces of color furniture in your living room, for they are really eye-catching.

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Aug 16, 2010

Two Schemes Make Your Gazebo More Enchanting!

If there is a gazebo in your home, how would you design and make use it?

Arrange your own outdoor space with your favorite way, enjoy the sunshine, and to experience unexpected comfort and coziness.

Scheme A: Gay Casino

Rebuild your gazebo into an entertainment room, in where grow some of your favorite potted plants, there is nothing more pleasant than chatting or relaxing or having a nap there.

Seats: The steel rocking chair with knitting feel and a dual-use of lying and sitting beauty couch that never get you tired, hand-made armchair made of birch wood emitting enchanting natural flavor. When choosing seat cushions, aside from for beauty purpose, you’d best choose them made of waterproof materials.

Cushions: Outdoor furniture needs comfortable seats ultimately, in addition to lively and bright colors, functions of abrasive resistance and rainproof are all keys to selection.

Striped cushions with bright colors will bring you pleasant psychological feelings, yellow green, orange-red with flowers and green leaves in the gazebo also set each other off beautifully.

Scheme B: Lively Dining Room

Move the dining room outdoor to enjoy delicious foods! With a piece of tablecloth dotted with flowers, exquisite tableware as well as flourished flowers and plants to create a romantic space and mood.

Flowers and Plants: Flouring potted plants can ease the atmosphere in the gazebo, which is helpful for relaxing mood. You may grow ivy in the flower containers aside the gazebo, their extended branches connected which the garden scenery; You may also placing several basil as well as other vanilla plants in the gazebo, they are natural condiments that can be reserved for a gathering dinner.

Carpet: You may choose waterproof carpet made of pure wool for outdoor use, which will be comfortable and the same time good with quality. If it were smeared you may spray polypropylene detergent to clean it, or leave it to professional cleaning staff.

Tablecloth: Select a piece of table cloth decorated with magnificent large flowers can create a type of warm ambience of pastoral, make the whole gazebo full of enchanting flavors. If you are not able to buy a satisfied one, you may DIY such a tablecloth with special fabric.

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Jul 19, 2010

DIY Pastoral Style Cushions, Cool Down Your Living Room in Summer

In the white Korean pastoral style, classical pure white cushions will often been choose to be the best match, adorned with romantic lace or flouncing edgings. However, in such a white space, they will be seemed to be too cool.

Two small patches of rose pattern, soft and beautiful pink will add a brush of bright color in the piece of pure white, at the same time full of sweet and romantic feelings.

Delicate lace edgings just like an antique photo frame, encircling two patches in it, just like two elegant decorative paintings hang on the wall, simple but beautiful.

Placing simple linen striped cushions in the room, they will be looked fresh and elegant. But in a pastoral style home, they will looked too rigid and lack smart sweet feelings.

Use four patches fabric with different patterns of plaids and dotted flowers, composed a large patch of four-frame pattern, so the front face of the cushion become rich in pastoral flavor and warm quality. Pristine floral and plaid patterns have unique sense of countryside, which will not destroy the natural flavors of pastoral style.

Elegant black and white plaid cushion, with pastoral style pristine quality and plain elegant style feeling, but if the cushion been done soft and loose, it will lost it original sense as a strict lady.

Therefore, make a pumpkin shaped depression in the center of cushion, then fixed with a white fabric button, thus make the cushion become more ‘concave and convex’, and show its unique sense of elegance and liveliness.

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Jun 17, 2010

Five Proposals with Childlike Mind for Home Furnishings

Think about how long you have not enjoyed such happy time just like the time you spent in your childhood, perhaps it’s the pressure of life undone it. Home is the place to relax minds at the same time perform yourself, just get back your heart with childlike fun, with fabric furnishings, furniture, small furnishings full of childlike fun to active your childlike charms and show magic power of home.

One. Applied with Smart Fabric Furnishings, Rendering Happy Hour

Fabric itself has a strong sense of beauty, always plays an important role in home decorating and home furnishings, fabric furnishings, cushions full of childlike fun presented themselves timely will be easily render the childlike style, and bring you happy mood.

Two. Candy Colored Home Furnishings, Bring you a Cozy Fairy Tale World

Colorful candy colors will always attract attention of children, when candy colors mixed with furniture into one, it will make you fall in love at the first sight, calling us back to sweet childhood years!


 Three. Childlike Ornaments, Small Decorations Create Big Fun

Not to refuse growing up, just want to live happier, as well as make the mood become more cartoon. Place one or two small childlike ornaments at a certain corner in the home, can make the home full of sweet and sincere happy air.
Four. Childish Tableware & Kitchenware, Build a Happy Life in the Kitchen

After a busy day, when back home you maybe have to continue busy in the kitchen, just to eliminate hunger. Now open your imagination, change for a number of interesting and colorful bowls and dishes in the kitchen, to build a fairy-tale kitchen space, thus make the time for preparing meals become funny and interesting.


Five. With Eyes of a Kid, Create a Small Colorful World

People living in cites are dream of getting headiness and innocence they owned in their childhood back, at the same time, each family has children is also wish to create a colorful, safe and thoughtful children room with eyes of a kid.


May 25, 2010

Air Pineapple (Tillandsia) – Plant Curtain, Have You Ever Seen?

Have you ever seen such a beautiful curtain? Do you know the curtain is a living thing? It can grow, can blossom out. Most importantly, it can absorb bad airs such as form aldehyde, toluene, nicotine contained in the atmosphere, at the same time release oxygen, purify your living environment.

Recently I hang a Tillandsia curtain in my living room, which has replaced the window screen curtain, and it is different with common curtains made of fabric, the tillandsia curtain bring me more closely feelings as well as tensions full of life, you will observe subtle changes occurred on it everyday and you breathing with it together.

The curtain can produce overhanging impression just as a waterfall, bring cool air to the hot summer. . .It can not only block hot lights from the balcony, but also covers messy of clothes on the line in the balcony.

Tillandsia curtain can not only worked as a practical utility, it also can acted as a viewable artwork, and it is very suitable for a interior decoration.

What this kind of plant is? It is called tillandsia, also"Air Pineapple” in Chinese.The most welcomed advantages of tillandsia curtain is it do not need too diligent care, as long as there is air, it can grows very well, and in dry hot season, you only need to spray more water to it.

Air pineapple has no roots, each stem you grow will survive easily, and it breathes depends on scales on leaves and has strong vitality.

Air pineapple is very hardy in winter and can live with conditions of temperatures of 10 degrees below zero centigrade. Now you know air pineapple is really a type of votive plant and very suitable for growing by lazy people, it always pay out and never request. So, do you like the plant – air pineapple?

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Apr 28, 2010

You should Know about Feng Shui with Placing Plants in Kitchen

Placing some plants in the kitchen can not only clean the air, but also improve the moods who stayed in the kitchen, so you can make best dishes, and placing right plants can increase the kitchen feng shui as well as take you more wealth, here are some tips on feng shui when you want to place some plants in the kitchen.

If the kitchen in your house is located in the South, and placing foliage plants will contribute to your savings.
Kitchen located in the south affected greatly by red sun, and you will unknowingly have a strong tendency to overspend. While foliage plants are able to abate the foul air of sun and reducing the intention of over overspend, so foliage plants is advantageous for saving.

Kitchen located in the East is very auspicious, if it is in other directions, you can place red flowers on the table or settle them close to the refrigerator, which is very conducive to keeping a good health.
If the kitchen in your room is located in the West, you may placing golden flowers, daffodils or pansies, which can not only turn away foul air of sunset, but also bring you more money.

If the kitchen is located in the North, you may placing pink and orange flowers in it, which is helpful to adding vitality to the whole house.

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Apr 1, 2010

Black and White, Dance between Modern and Classical III – Bathroom & Kitchen

Chpater III - Bathroom

Adding a line of carved stone wall tiles in white tiles, is a popular way in bathroom decorating, while choose the black matched with white which is pole apart, so the dull wall become more dynamic and vital, and the whole visual effect become more comfortable. At the same time, black and white towels, bathroom curtain, ivory white lotion bottle and black tooth mug are all seemed very dissonant and suitable.

In the white tile in the wall posted up a stone flower, is a popular way bathroom renovation, and the choice of white contrasting with black to match the strong exception to the monotonous walls enriched, makes the overall visual feel comfortable. Black and white towels, shower curtains, ivory ceramic basin, white and black, hand lotion bottle tooth cylinder looked very dissonant.

However, as black is somewhat dull, so such a home furnishing settlement is more suitable to a bathroom with adequate light.

The blooming flowers aside to the wash basin, will not only let your shines open at once, but also take more vitality to the bathroom. Now you will see that a little color can also make simple black and white become more energetic and lively.

Chapter IV: Kitchen

A kitchen room totally decorated in black and white will make people stay in it feel clean and tidy. To a kitchen room with rather small area, you may choose black and white mosaic tiles to decorate the flooring, and use black and white tiles to pave half of the wall, the white part can show the cleanness white the black part can conceal smears which are inevitable in kitchen.

Use white on all closets and floor cabinets in the kitchen, matched with black handle and black management countertop, as well as black kitchen appliances, such a match of black and white seemed so orderly and delightful.

While once those colorful dishes were placed in such a black and white world, they will be looked more attractive and delicious.


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Mar 18, 2010

Black and White, Dance between Modern and Classical II – Bedroom

Although the black and white are entirely different, each has their own way, but as long as mastered a right proportion between the two, they will blending well too, and create a harmonious, clean home environment, and create senses no matter modern or classical easily.

Chapter II - Bedroom

White bedroom is pure and warm, express a kind of elegant, simple and noble atmosphere, so many people have a special liking for white home furnishings.

White walls, white chandeliers in the white ceiling, white floor lamp bedside as well as white bedding products, etc. these large areas of white tone, creating pure beauty of an overall space. While black bed frame, black stripes on the white bedding cover, a black alarm clock, setting with the black and white series switches and sockets in the wall, all looked exceptionally vivid and lifelike.

Worried about too simple black and white will take feelings of cold and lifeless? The inclusive nature of black and white allows you to bring a variety of bright colors into your bedroom, white itself is a "super big green leaf," while the match between black and some warm colors can also produce special beauty, for example, wall murals on the wall, a photo frame beside the head of the bed may add warm and lively atmosphere to the bedroom.

Now, you must agree that black and white are colors full of spirits, they are colors that never outdated.
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Mar 3, 2010

Black and White, Dance between Modern and Classical I – Living Room

Although the world of colors is gorgeous and varied, but simple black and white, is been recognized as a "classic color match" publically. In a variety of new product launches of varied fashion brands, you will the see the cool black and assuming white style always. Black and white are colors full of spirit, they are colors that never outdated.

Although the black and white are entirely different, each has their own way, but as long as mastered a right proportion between the two, they will blending well too, and create a harmonious, clean home space, and bring senses no matter modern or classical easily.

Chapter I - Living Room

When using black and white to decorate your room, you should arrange a right proportion between the two "extreme" colors careful. Black and white, who is the leading actor in the end?

If you are enough special as well as enough alternative, you can make black to dominate the market, and let the living room become the world of black: black sofa, black desk/table, black seats, black ceiling and black backdrops, and let black take the way to the end. Under the shadow of such a mysterious atmosphere, white may turn into embellishments naturally, for example, white floor lamp, white tea set, white vases, thus to create an unique and fantasy shaped space.

However, if you can not endure repressions taken birth from a mass of dark, you’d better to take the fresh and clean white as the main tone, for example, white walls, white floors, matched with black sofa, transparent glass windows encircled by black frames, white curtains dotted with black dots, so simple white will become lively and dynamic.

Concise style furniture with smooth lines matched with simple, bright, clean and spacious bedroom is forever an ideal choice, which will bring you clear, pure, clean and solemn feelings.

While those blue cushions, hemp yellow carpet, red flowers, these ornaments will take more rich layers to the whole space, as simple in overall and exquisite in small areas, these details will show the exquisite and delicate taste of living of the owner casually.

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Feb 9, 2010

Comfortable Sofas, Meet Your Love at the Corner

As the modern life in cities are busy and tense, so we all reliable to a warm home which can bring us each most relaxing leisure time. But how to make your home more warm and more comfortable? As long as to take some tips, you can create a pleasant home easily.

The latest multi-person sofa in foreign countries can be changed flexible, with adjustment of backrest angles, right-angle folding, a variety of combinations of parts, different shapes can be combined and folded into, thus to meet various needs.

Fashion design concept is always the reason for popular stylish furniture. This is an era concerns on individuality, sofas with changeable shapes can displayed in front of people with any form, any gesture. Bold colors, the latest material are all adventurous applications to furniture design by designers.

A sofa with simple design never comes wrong to the public. White sofa demonstrate the simple home style of the master, angular sofa design, bring the tough feelings to the space, and it seemed men are more favorite such a sofa combination.

A weird design sofa will highlight the taste and individuality of the master more, in this era based on individuality, such a sofa will result in added grace to your home absolutely.

This sofa combination is welcomed by women extremely, and the characteristics of ladies are sofa animals demonstrated fully.

A set of sofa combination settled in a widening space will show the generous temperament of the master good. As the nobleness and elegance of leather sofa have been sought after by people all the time, so there is enough reason for you to take a set of leather sofa home.

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