May 5, 2009

Hand Paintings on Walls - A New Visual Impact for You

Featured with environment friendly, personalized characteristics, the hand paintings on wall become more and more popular and welcomed by people in nowadays, and have lead a new trend of home living fashion.

Hand-paintings on wall give people who lived in a space that same and narrow a new mode to release and show their personalities…at the same time bring lively airs on those cool walls, dull furniture and prim space, thus make them refreshing and more vibrant…

I am the master of my space! This is my home, I’d like to print my own marks on!

A cute giraffe drawn on the door of baby room, it not only a home decoration, but also a lifelike measure for your baby, as well as environment friendly and easy to be wiped away!

The world hide in hand paintings on wall, is a world beautiful but far away, it exists outside from the real life, those quietly days passed through silently like a water flow, in a trance, as if there is another home life just went through on the wall beside us…

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Ashok kumar said...

Hi ,

This is ashok kumar. How much you spent to done these.

It's a good looking.

Ashok kumar J