Dec 22, 2009

Two Color Schemes to Rebuild a Nice Living Room II – Solution A

Step 1. Build a comfortable working corner

The working corner consisting of a desk and a chair, now it become an DIY area. Use two folders to collect those original scattered documents and letters, the dame time place a notice board at the horizontal position in the eye, aside which there is a floor lamp to replace the original table lamp, so it can illuminated the whole region when after dark.


Step 2. Added color elements

Add a piece of carpet to cover the ground, as well as cushions on the sofa, the carpet with plant patterns and those color cushions added vivid colors and soft coziness to the living room, as the bright floor windows reflects windows and the fireplace, all is seemed so dynamic and vibrant.

Step 3. Make the admission more reasonable

A cloak cabinet has been added into the corridor, which can provide abundant storage space for the family members. From small storage cases to large size storage lockers, the family members can store a variety of items, so they will no longer to have those piecemeal items on the table, and no longer make the space looked in a jumble.

-->After 1: A new tidy and comfortable living room

After a preliminary rebuilding, we have made full use of the original resources in the living room, at the same time added new colors and patterns, thus solved the problem of absence of storage space for small objects. We also have replaced the original old TV, and placed an ultra-thin plasma TV, so the living room looked as a small home theater, is that feeling wonderful?

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Dec 7, 2009

Two Color Schemes to Rebuild a Nice Living Room I – Resolve Problems

Maybe you have been aware of that the living room in your house is somewhat too dim, the walls and furniture are pale and monotonous, although they are comfortable but absent of colors and vigors.

Now in this article we enlarged the problems of a living room specifically, and put forward two schemes to rebuild a nice living room, you will see the comparison before and after, and the living room will become a place full of colors and charms, and become a beautiful and nice space for gatherings of you and your family members and your friends, and let you could enjoy more memorable time.

Before: The Living Room without Much Charms

Dull beige walls, comfortable but less vigorous furniture, simple decorations and home furnishings, all make this living room looked quite far to a nice home. But there are still some good elements, as long as it taken some rational reconstruction, the living room should be become very attractive and lightful.

Existed Problems:

1. Lack of Functional Furniture

There is no coffee table in front of the sofa, so you will feel somewhat unconvenient when sitting on the sofa chatting and watching TV. And all things in the room are looked not enough relax and comfortable, this living room is need more colors, patterns, and soft corners which could make you become relaxing.

2. Space is Under Utilization

Corners of the room are special nooks of the home, which could be used for storing or other purposes.

The corner of this living room is sufficient with sunlight, so it is entirely competent to act as a multi-functional workstation, rather than just been placed with a breakfast table and a number of books on correspondence merely.

3. The admission is no structured

The storage of goods in the living room seemed to has some problems, family members will be readily placed their schoolbags, clothing, sporting goods, toys and DVDs by random. There is no suitable space for storage, so everyone only put things by random and without much order.

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Nov 22, 2009

Resolution of 2009 Popular New Trend in Wall Decoration III – Soft Wall Package

Trend III with Soft Wall Package: Living in Cloth

When the author entered into a prototype room of the home furnishings MALL, I found myself as if entered into a world wrapped into fabrics, it is so soft and quiet.

"The feeling what we want is just this - use soft cloth to wrap hard walls, and a type of warm and serene feelings thus produced”. Said the designer to the author with smile, “This approach of wall disposing is called soft-wall package, on the surface are fabrics, while inside linings are sponge, that is to use fabrics and sponge wrapped walls, and any type of fabric is applicable.

Due to its excellent performance of sound-absorbing, the soft-package wall are general be used on backdrop walls of TV in the living room, bedroom or audio-visual room, but in most occasions you can not use it in a large area.

In general, walls decorated with flexible packaging cloth are simple, generous, as well as features of soft colors, looked warm and splendid, with angular edges and continuous symmetry, which could giving you soft and relax feelings, it is very comfortable.

Cleaning tips: can be cleaned with spray cleaner.

Nov 10, 2009

Resolution of 2009 Popular New Trend in Wall Decoration II - Textured Brick

Trend II with Textured Brick: Zipper can also on the Wall

 If you are still young and meet the fashion trend well, the same time has enough courage to accept fresh and personal elements, you may wish to try textured bricks in a small area.

Textured brick is a type of high-density ceramic tile with unique modeling and imitated leather texture, whose surface was made to imitated leather texture with special mould. The decorating style intend to rather wild and cool, and are more suitable to modern style home decorating, and are mainly used in the decorating of TV walls, bathroom or study walls.

On the wall cover with textured brick displayed by the designer, the author was surprised to find that the wall with leather quality and texture, as well sewing threads, close-ups and polishing edges, on its central area, there is an imitated copper zipper! 

No wonder the designer was emphasized all along that "fans" of textured brick should be a fashion bird, or else it is really difficult to take it back to your home.

Textured brick is a new member in the porcelain tile group, which is a symbol of fashion and trends, and people who favorite with leather products can achieve a warm, comfortable and soft dream in the home decorating.

Textured bricks featured with novel design, well-made, delicate handcraft, which could restore the sewing art of leather products truly, together with its pure glazed color, so the natural texture of leather were returned to a natural textural quality, and looked very artistic and attractive, so this type of wall decorating material can not only applied to bathroom in large area, but also to all wall space of bedroom, studies, balcony and even kitchen.

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Oct 19, 2009

Resolution of 2009 Popular New Trend in Wall Decoration I - Wood Fiber Wallpaper

Wall decoration is the impression builder of the whole cubic space, which can render the space atmosphere effectively, and to create a unique and distinctive impression to the interior space.

Once we referred wall decoration, inertia of thinking will always make us concern to three things: paint, wallpaper and color painting.

So in 2009, what kind of new coatings is in fashion for the wall decorating?

Trend I with Wood Fiber: Wallpapers Made of Sawdust

Can sawdust also be posted on the wall? The answer is: Yes, and the results were pretty good. This is a new term of wall decoration especially popular in this year - wood fiber. According to the introduction of designer, as the visual effects of wood fiber is outstanding, colors bright, simple and generous, wide variety of colors and easy to match with furniture, so there is a very wide application to its suited style, now this kind of wall decoration were mainly used for walls of TV backdrop, bedroom or study to do modeling decoration, but it is not suitable for large-scale use.

As it is called wood fiber, actually it was pressed with wood fiber, wood pulp, cotton fiber and a small amount of quartz, because containing quartz, which makes it shiny, but in fact it is a member of the wallpaper family".

With the designer's guide, the author came to a light yellow wall covered with wood fiber, and found it is really shiny, and rich in texture. Reach to touch it, felt very rough, and looked closely, there are many tiny cavities on its surface, which shown in granular and uneven.

"Does such a wall easy to care for and maintain? Do those cavities inside it will not conceal dust?" the author asked. "Of course it is easy to care for and maintain, you can use a horizontal filter of vacuum cleaner to clean it directly” said the designer, “and it is also very simple to install this type of wallpaper, you only need to do some basic processing on the original latex paint wall” On another side, "wood fiber can also be repaired and overall moved, but pay attention to avoid knocking and bumps”.

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How to Furnish a Beautiful Hallway?

Hallway is an area at the door entrance, which is not designed to produce convenience to the guests to take off clothing as well as change shoes and hang hats, more importantly, it is the first scenery people seen before entered the room, though it is small in size, but play an extremely important role to the style of the whole room. And the most effective way to beautify the hallway is to decorate it with furniture and home decorations. 

At first, the design of the vestibule should be based on the room type and home decorating style, it could be made into arc-shaped, strip shaped as well as rectangular shape, and material scope can contained wood, glass, stainless steel, stone and so on. 

Generally the hallway made of stainless steel and glass materials are more closely tied to the simple modern style home furnishings, while hallways made of stone material and wooden boards will more suited to countryside style home furnishings.

As regard to home furnishings and home decoration, small tables are very suitable to place in a hallway, whose desktop is not need wide, and can stand lean to the wall, above which, to hang a mirror or a selected painting, plus matched with a pair of decorative wall lamps, the effect is be quite good. 

If the hallway area is large enough, an arc-shaped wall table will be a good choice, which will even bring your home more luxurious temperament. If you pay more attention to the practical function of the hallway, the simplest way is to display a group of vertical clothes hangers, and there are many novel design clothes hangers are takes up much less space, but also can provide some storage space for things, with them you can store each pieces of things at the door entrance and incorporate them altogether; another choice is to place a big size oblique triangle or converted trapezoidal shaped cabinet in it, which can store a lot of things and at the same time seemed small and exquisite.

 As respect to home decorations, you can use fabric furnishings, lighting and green plants to decorate. You can place an exotic printed cloth or an antique desk flag on the wall or tabletop.
Lightings as small spotlights, tube-shaped lights, strip lights, wall lamps, neon lights and other items of lightings can irradiate the hallway very bright, at the same time make the environmental space looked more elegant. If the vestibule size is not much large, you should notice not use too much lightings in it, and two or three pieces is appropriate. 

 Make use of the wall face and countertop behind the door, put several potted foliage plants, for example, chrysanthemums, primrose, etc., which can bring the hallway a bit of vitality, but should noticed that the placed plants should not hinder sights of guests as well as not impede the access.

May 14, 2009

Changing Your Sofa Covers Artful to Add Bright Colors to the Living Room

The living days are trivial and the long. When we entered the same room day after day, the living turned into dull once you felt your home become to have nothing good or unusual to say, you should paused and think about, is there something need to change?

At this stage it is a good time for face changes, if the living room in your home still maintained with thick moods of winter, you may through fabric craft to cater the beautiful days in early summer, among which the most thing can replaced easily the sofa case. Wear new clothes to the sofa, so that the living room will get a new look, thus good moods with followed you naturally.

The Living Room Can be Erotic, Too.

Many smart housewives had prepared two set of sofa cases when they purchased sofas, one is warm colored and used in spring and summer, and the other cool colored and used in winter and autumn, so that not only the using time of the sofa case could be extended, but also you can enjoyed different home living space in different seasons. 

Of course, the color of sofa case you choose should matched with the design color of your interior home decoration. IKEA designers had suggested that before you purchased the sofa case, you may consider the color should suit to the whole style of your home design, in addition, you may choose same styled cushion case and chair case and so on for your living room…

As now is in early summer, you can use fresh colored sofa cases, thus to reflect passions in spring. For example, you may select fabric sofa cases with light beige, light green or light blue, which could bring much spring airs to your living room, while choose sofa cases with cool colors printed with small flowers, a type of spring flowers in full bloom feelings could be built…

At the same time of changes taken placed in sofas, you may change the sofa cushions too and make them suit with your new sofa, if the wall color in your home is shallow, or there’s a large space in your living room, you may choose sofa cases with bright and fresh colored patterns of big flowers or block plaids…In case of your wall color is more heavy, or the home space is limited, choosing light colored sofa cases will make your home more elegant…

Three Tips Teach you Choose Right Sofa Covers

At present, there are many types of fabric as cotton, linen and flannel material to made sofa covers, among which, the cotton fabric was been used mostly in the market, when you began to choose a type of sofa cover, you should touch the material firstly, and the fabric handled fine, soft and thick is the best; 

Secondly, patterns on good sofa covers are lively and natural, as well as soft and uniformed colors.. Thirdly, ignite thrums of the fabric with a lighter, good sofa covers can be burned into ash and have no scorched flavor…

Advantages of natural line fabric are they are cool in summer and warm in winter, which belong to high grade material, as well as can be washed fully after removing the padding or lining, but as linen fabric featured with a high score of shrinkage, you’d best make it clear that whether the fabric had been immerged into water for a long time and has done a deal with pre-shrinking.

Sofa covers made of flannel material are more expensive, while they have better gloss and felt soft, comfortable. When you decided to buy, you should touched them by hand firstly, and good flannel materials have silk-like fine textures…

May 5, 2009

Hand Paintings on Walls - A New Visual Impact for You

Featured with environment friendly, personalized characteristics, the hand paintings on wall become more and more popular and welcomed by people in nowadays, and have lead a new trend of home living fashion.

Hand-paintings on wall give people who lived in a space that same and narrow a new mode to release and show their personalities…at the same time bring lively airs on those cool walls, dull furniture and prim space, thus make them refreshing and more vibrant…

I am the master of my space! This is my home, I’d like to print my own marks on!

A cute giraffe drawn on the door of baby room, it not only a home decoration, but also a lifelike measure for your baby, as well as environment friendly and easy to be wiped away!

The world hide in hand paintings on wall, is a world beautiful but far away, it exists outside from the real life, those quietly days passed through silently like a water flow, in a trance, as if there is another home life just went through on the wall beside us…

Apr 22, 2009

Best Lucky Home Color for 12 Constellations in 2009 (II) -- Capricorn, Gemin & Aquarius

Lucky Color for Capricorn in 2009 --- Red / Purple

As alienated and indifferent as Capricorn, who favorite with emphasizing on logic and reasonable, in particular, their contentious and argumentative disposition always make others prohibitive. However, its down-to-earth way of working to somewhat save some respects and acceptance for him.

Therefore, as the color energy of red which stands for working with feet always on the ground, as well as the color energy of purple stands for good at thinking and learning, become the color energy of Capricorn.

Bring more red with could help Capricorn to walk out from their own world, and with courage to face challenges of outside world, as well as strengthening and building their body energy, it appears that there are really a great deal of benefits!

Brief Summary:

In traditional Chinese culture red is considered as an auspicious and festive color, when we had experienced through 2008 laugh or cry, especially at this time the shadow of the international financial tsunami is still lingering around, we may really need some red to encourage everyone's mood.

In the color psychology theory suggests, red is stands for warm, upward trend, but at the same time it could make people excited, stirred, nervous and impulsive easily, and it is also a color that can caused visual fatigue easily, so it is not a color that suitable using with a large size area at home, only applied it as a embellishment in your
home decoration.

Lucky color for Gemini in 2009 --- Blue / Pink

As be extremely gifted as Gemini is a baby born with great curiosity, who can learned new knowledge quickly through his sensitive ability of respond, as well as transferring the information out, especially good at gossip chatting of words.

Also just for this reason, Gemini persons are good at expressing their favors, but not exposed their emotions…Therefore, as pink stands for inner love, and blue is stands for assist to express inside true ideas, become the color energy of Gemini. Looking at self-inner world of stably, and not to flaunt too much so one can not make sure his true purpose, is the task for Gemini endowed by colors.

Lucky Color for Aquarius in 2009 --- Blue / Blue-Green

The energy color for Aquarius is a wonderful combination which mixed with blue, green, and yellow. How do you to check the energy of your water bottle? See if you are familiar with the operation of the Internet, learn all kinds of new high-tech knowledge, as well as the ability to play self-originality ...through this way you can aware that whether you have obtained the energy of Aquarius….

So try to use more blue-green color in your home decorating and
home furnishings to help yourself, so you will able to demonstrate in the new era, and no longer to fear of expressing the value view of yourself in public, and you will become more satisfied with yourself.

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Apr 15, 2009

Best Lucky Home Colors for 12 Constellations in 2009 (I) -- Taurus, Aries & Sagittarius

The unusual 2008 has been past, and how is the luck of 12 constellations in 2009? What is the lucky color special for you and your home, let’s see together…

Lucky Color for Taurus in 2009 --- Red

As stable and sincere as Taurus persons, its stubborn character is also list top in12 constellations. However, Taurus person are pragmatic and emphasis on economy, as well as enjoy the elegant manners of material enjoyment, and a very clear behave is they insisted on things they owned greatly, therefore, as red stands for substance, sex and living manners, red is acted as the power color of Taurus. Red can improve slow characters of Taurus people and urge them to speed up their paces, and not keep themselves to a small world of its own.

Lucky Color for Aries in 2009 --- Red / Gold

As passionate as Aries, it is born of a brave fighter. They will never shrinking back and rushed out on everything. As long as there are Aries people there are zealous or conflicted scenes…The power color of Aries is red and gold, gold is a color of wisdom, which can appease grumpy Aires person who like to control others, as well as its impulsive characters when something occurred on. However, there could not be hot things at all, because the Aries can attain to success just for this kind of eruption power with which to help Aries to carry out all its forces…

In 2009, the lucky color of many constellations is red

Lucky Color for Sagittarius in 2009 --- Red / Green

Sagittarius are senior intellectuals, they alive and like friends, love of sports, whose character of half man and half horse it is very obvious. Reflected in color, red has a strong eruption power, and featured with a little positive and aggressive inclination, plus with green, a color linked with nature, is so conformed to the free and easy characteristics of Sagittarius. 

However, as passionate as Sagittarius, whose power color still is red, because for Sagittarius who used to think much, there is no things like more activities that needed by Sagittarius..
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Apr 8, 2009

New Green Home Furnishings -- Scientists Has Developed Clean Type Cook Stove

As estimated that the indoor air pollution will cause about 4,000 deaths every day, among which mostly are women and children…now researchers at Envirofit International Group had invented a clean type cook stove which can reduce fuel and smoke, and try to spread it out worldwide… A non-profit group based in the American state of Colorado is working to save lives. Researchers at Envirofit International have developed a clean-burning cook stove that uses less fuel and reduces smoke.

They say it cuts the smoke and dangerous gases by up to eighty percent compared to open fires or simple traditional stoves. The cook stove was designed to produce the greatest amount of heat in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of fuel. It can burn wood, animal waste or crop waste.

The Shell Foundation has formed a partnership with Envirofit to market the cook stoves. The British charity, established by the Shell Group in the year two thousand, has invested ten million dollars in a pilot project for India.
Martha Kohlhagen at Envirofit tells us that as many as ten million stoves will be sent to southern India by the end of this year. She says the stoves are being manufactured in China and will begin arriving in May. The stoves are designed to have a lifetime of up to three years at a cost of about fifteen dollars.

After India, the plan is to market them to China and Brazil, and to other countries around the world. Envirofit expects twenty-five million dollars from the Shell Foundation and other donors over the next five years to support its efforts.
Nongovernmental organizations and local stores, in some cases, will sell the stoves in villages. The price in different countries will be based on demand and local economic conditions.

Martha Kohlhagen says Envirofit will also work with local micro lending organizations to help support the sale of the stoves.
Envirofit says it will use any future profits from the stoves for further research and development. The group wants to develop combination technology, to be able use energy from the cook stove to provide things like heat or light.

Two students at Colorado State University, Tim Bauer and Nathan Lorenz, started Envirofit International in two thousand three. The group has ties to the university. Envirofit developed from research work in the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory at Colorado State.
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Mar 31, 2009

Super Creative Ideas! Novelty Home Furnishings Show

Nowadays people try to pursue personality and uniqueness more and more, so more and more and creative home furnishings begin to entered into people's daily life.

Big Foot Cylinder Toilet Paper Stand

Drop Water Tap Design Memo Clip

T-Shirt Mirror

While looking, while writing, while hanging! At on side it is acrylic mirror and another side is a white board, on which you can dabbing at your pleasure with a gel pen and wipe or revise the words with a wet wipe or an alcohol dipped cloth…of course it can be used as a clothes hanger to hang your clothes…you may choose it as a cool birthday gift and giving it to her/he fall for look.

Mr.P Laughing Seasoning Cans

Hollowed Network Fruit Tray

Different with traditional fruit trays, instead of adopting traditional plate shape, this type of fruits tray take a network design. As a result, larger size of fruits such as apples, pears and so on, can be placed on the tray top firmly.

Mar 24, 2009

Four Types Color Schemes to Create Home Decorating Style that Never Outdated

Color match is the first important element in the clothing tie-in, and so does home decorating, when you begin to considering for decorating you loved home, you should have a whole scheme for the color matching at the very start, by which to determine the main colors of home decorating, as well as furniture and home furnishings choosing. If you could control colors concordantly, you can ever dress your loved home at you pleasure more freely.

Scheme 1: Black + White + Grey = Classic Forever

Black together with white can create a strong visual impact, while added with gray which are very popular in recent years, which could ease the visual clashes produced by black and white, thus to create another type of flavors that different. The space integrated with these three colors full with cool feelings that represents modern and future, and in such a stimuli of color, reasonable, ordered and professional senses will occurred naturally from simplicity.

 In recent years "Zen" style is popular much, which advocates displaying original colors and pay attention to environmental protection, and show the natural feelings of linen, yarn, woven coconut materials with no colors color matching method, it is a very modern, natural and pristine style.

Scheme 2: Silver Blue+ Dunhuang Orange = Modern + Traditional

In the color match mainly applied with blue and orange, can puts up convergence of modern and traditional, ancient and today, which collided visual feelings that contains both surreal and retro flavors. Color systems of blue and orange are initially belong to great contrasted colors, there only are some changes on both sides, so these two colors can bring the space a new life.

 Scheme 3: Blue + White = Romantic Warmth

In general, people at home will less dare to try too bold colors, they commonly considered that it is rather safe to using white color. If you prefer to use white, while afraid to make the home like a hospital, you’d better use white + blue, just a small island in Greece, on which all the houses are white, all ceilings, floorings and all the streets were painted white by lime, thus pale tonality showed.
But the sky is light blue, the sea is dark blue, which puts up the coolness and flawless of white, such a type of white, make you felt very freely, as if it belongs to one part of the nature, being situated in, you will become open-minded, it seems the home space just like the sea sky, open and freely.
To create such a Mediterranean style home conditions, you must put all furnishings in the home, such as furniture, home furnishings and curtains, etc. limited to a color system, and a unified sense could be produced only in this way. 

 People who yearned for clear water and blue sky, white + blue are the best selection of color match for your home decoration and home design.

 Scheme 4: Yellow + Green = Pleasure for New Borns

At a living space relatively suit for young person, it is a very good color scheme with light yellow matched and purple blue or tender green. Light yellow is a fresh and tender color, which represents pleasure for new-borns, it is a best home color for families having a small baby.

 If green is a color that can make people calm and placid, which can ease the buoyant feelings of yellow, and make the space calm down more. Therefore, such a color match scheme is very suitable for young couples.

 * Original post: Four Types Color Schemes to Create Home Decorating Style that Never Outdated

Mar 17, 2009

Apply Color Matching Reasonably, Make your Living Quality More Lively

The Concept of Color Matching

When refer to color matching, we must always think of the chromatology. Yes! You can refer to indeed, but here we only want to share the concept with you simply, a basic not to do principle of color matching is "top-heavy, and too many strong contrasts". This is a simple pithy formula, and more explication about it please see following:

(1) Avoid "Top-Heavy"

In a space, color of the ceiling should avoid too deep or too dim, which will bring your home in a top-heavy situation, will make you felt like living in caves. The best choice of color matching is: choosing the palest.color for ceilings, the next is the flooring, and put the color focus on the walls.

(2) Avoid "Too Many Contrasts"

The color matching of home decorating should emphasizes on coordination, comfort, and could taking people feelings of relaxation, so you should avoid adding too many strong colors which will add visual fatigue. Reducing use of contrasted colors and using same colors as far as possible, a coordinated color matching will make you feel more relaxed and easy in home.

However, we are not say contrasting colors can not be used, the interior design of home should strived for a total integration, just like a concerto which could giving people a whole look and feel, and a small amount of variations and a few strong designs also could formed a kind of embellishment and a style with focus while not obtrusive…

Look at Colors via the Five Elements Theory

Colors can also be explained through the five elements theory. White on behalf of gold, red on behalf of fire, blue and black on behalf of water, green on behalf of wood, and yellow, brown, beige, khaki on behalf of soil.

In the Five Elements theory, gold inter-restricts wood, wood inter-restricts soil, soil inter-restricts water, water inter-restricts fire, fire inter-restricts gold, but also antagonistic symbiosis with each other, gold inter-generates water, water inter-generates wood, wood inter-generates fire, fire inter-generates soil.

For a simple example, matching red with black will form an inter-restriction pattern of water and fire, conflicted but personalized.

Matching black with yellow, just as covering soil with water and build a dike to prevent from dike breaking, thus produce a kind of warning meanings virtually.

Matching red with yellow will formed a pattern of fire generates earth, the fire flared up more, and more earth will be generated, which formed a strong impression, an effect of very warm.

Use the five elements theory to explain the color matching method, it is simple and easy to understand, the using ratio of inter-restricted colors should be minimized to the best, because they all belongs to contrasted colors, and colors used to highlight personality or characteristics should be selected modestly, and be sure to avoid too much, too many features also means no feature.

Inter-generated colors also should be used more cautious, and avoid too much inclination to a certain kind of feeling, for example, if you using cold colors in the whole room, the home will full of sensations of coldness.

Mar 10, 2009

Mexico Home Furnishings & Decorations Design

The impression of Latin America in my memory should be showing while dancing samba. At such a zealous country, even a window, a chair or a rotating staircase at home, will always emits and diffuses the original rustic atmosphere and surging passions that belong to Latin specially.

The classical home furnishings design in Mexico is mainly themed with natural wood color, and follows the route of simplicity & generous. Simple shapes have highlighted the features of the Mexican -- free and easy, simple, and go in for true colors.

While the design style in modern Mexico has completely broken the previous shackles on materials and colors, and returned to the zealous and chipper natures of Latin people --- warm red, cactus green, bright yellow; coherent rough lines, bold and vivid outlines, Mexican designers with fiery colors, novelty shapes, as well as created ideas to build a brand new "Mexico Design", and has caught worldwide attentions successfully…

Aside form design of home furnishings, modern Mexican interior design style has become a new darling in the minds of Youth gradually. As free & easy and rough, Mexico style not only has rich exotic flavors, but also inherited with commonness of other home furnishings as matched, peace and pristine, in particular, it fit for most of youth who loves nature and exotic flavors greatly.

Designers used beige marble frequently to create warm feelings, making the overall design modern and concise.

Toilet room with glass partitions reflects free and easy moods of Mexican-style.

Traditional Mexican-style interior spiral staircase, added romantic flavors and moods in the room.

Mar 3, 2009

Spring Home Decorating – Simple but Useful Tips to Freshen Up Your Home in Spring

Spring is the time for renewals, fresh bright colors, and beautiful flowers. Add to that Spring cleaning and you'll have a home fresh as the new season. Get ideas for Spring home decorating and furnishings here.

Everywhere in spring is full of warm flavors of spring, so let’s disguised and decorate the home well, and make our home become more warm and more cozy as well as lively as the footsteps of spring is clearer and clearer…

-- Choose candy colored cushions with flower patterns to decorating your home in the spring season

Cushion is one of the
greatest home furnishings used to enhance the moods of home living, as the spring is coming, why not to choose several cushions with flower patterns for your home and make the home also full of spring air…
Cotton Bedding
ROXY gorgeous fabric has injected fresh air into the bedding design of this year, it’s enchanting but not stinking, fashionable but not arrogant.

Beautiful stripes just as the lines of living, clear skeletons just like each day in the fashion world around us, which are full of motions and youthful vigor.

Warm Colors

Flaunty and brisk warm colors, flower patterns, together with cute horizontal stripes, this set of fresh style cotton fabric beddings could lit the entire bedroom suddenly in this early spring, and make your small world full of sunny flavors!

As long as you favorite, in your own world, you may try best to decorate the living room very personalized and blatant, with graceful, in-depth fragrance, and unique temperament which could not been copied.

Single Sofa

A single sofa with gorgeous flower patterns at any time could represents a type of life condition, please beg yourself keep with such a little romantic luxury yet!

The sun light fades gradually from east to west, as thoughts comes from far sway to near, and from focusing to free, it is just such an overwhelming lazy moods.


No one can reject the charms of flower: no matter furniture or textile, once it comes down with flowers, they will own magic charms and make your home become more fresh and warm in this spring.

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Feb 25, 2009

Spring Capital Home & Garden Show

Time: Feb 26 --- Mar 1, 2009-2-26


Official Website:

Who Attends:

· homeowners who are looking to improve their living spaces
· people attend with their spouse or significant other-meet both decision makers!
· families have a high household income, making $100,000 or more 

Why They Attend?

· looking for home decorating ideas
· to see new products/services
· want to get home renovation ideas
· interested in gardening, landscaping or patio ideas
· come to see/compare new costs

Projects Planned - How They Plan to Spend

· planning a major gardening, landscaping or patio project
· decorating or planning an interior design project
· planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation project
· planning a major renovation
· purchase major home furnishings, electronics or entertaining products 

The Capital Home & Garden Show swings into action February 26 - March 1, 2009, at the Dulles Expo Center. Take in more than 750 exhibits, featuring experts, how-to workshops and demonstrations. 

View the latest in technology and gadgets in the home improvement industry, while getting the scoop on top gardening and landscaping trends. Given the economic and housing situation in the country, it's an ideal time to score some money-saving tips and ideas.

The Capital Home Show is better than ever with more diverse exhibits, more categories and more presentations on our fabulous stage! Our show offers a unique and broad selection of home improvement-related businesses. 

Stroll through the Idea Gardens created by the region's top landscaping companies and featuring the newest gardening techniques and designs all in one new location in the South Hall. 

You'll enjoy various entertaining features and special guest speakers. Get ideas, investigate new products, gather information and meet the professionals to help you make your next home remodeling, renovation, or decorating project a breeze!
Shop, compare and save at more than 750 exhibits!

Tips: Buy tickets online and save $3 off the admission price(Your children 5 year old and under are frree) !

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Feb 12, 2009

Perspective Freehand Style of Home Design in Japan III -- Return to Original and Natural

Japan is a country which is modern, fashionable but also traditional, low-pitched…

In Tokyo, those skyscrapers and modern fashion designs will make you dazzling, and their high-tech tools also very advanced and high-developed, but if you entered in some common families in Japan you will find their foods, living rooms, and daily-use articles still been kept very traditional, especially in Kyoto, there are very few high-rise buildings, and most of buildings there are traditional low living houses, inside which there are tatamis, Japanese are accustomed to sitting and sleeping on the floor, that is a most traditional way of life in Japan.

In past time the demand rank of life in most Japan families was arranged according to food, clothing, transportation and living, now that has shifted to a new order as living first, transportation next, then clothing, and food last, which put the improvement of living conditions to the first place. And during the peorid of post-war, Japan began to emphasis much on both technical quality and talent development, which constructed a solid base for Japan’s rapid development later.

Now the space characters and design concepts Japanese pursued could incorporates as following:

1. More Purified and Abstract Design thus to Attain a More Pure beauty…

2. Appreciate Natural Materials, Sights Stirs Up with Feeling, and Return to Original and Natural

Think much of the surface material processing when to create a space, and emphasis on the textures of material commonly, that imply its functions to break through frames.

Keeping those surfaces of concrete, wood textures as well as metal plates such as aluminum alloy, steel and other metal composite panels, artificial stones, mosaic revealed intact and boldly.

To show the material texture or its original forms specially, plus precise polishing, and let the quality of the surface materials which throughout modern technology processing entirely same as them shown on photographs from camera, or as quality viewed from a color filter, a particular method of material application with visual effects.


This type of filtering space effects featured with cool, smooth visual effects on surface, which could affects people's emotion, so that people living in cities could get some redeems for their potential moods of nostalgia, nostalgic, and back-to-nature.

In the process of design forms purification and abstraction, the more attention paid on material’s texture and quality will bound to rise to an unprecedented level, and the modern technology also has built good conditions for this rise.

Now, to create new texture effects, and the psychological effects people respond to these texture effects have become one of particular parts pursued deliberately by modern interior designers.

(not finished to continue…)

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